Yeast Infection in Dogs – What Truths Are Really True?

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Yeast infection not only affects humans but also animals for example dogs. Just like humans yeast infection in dogs have very similar symptoms only that the infection does not affect the same places as man. Dogs too have the natural yeast bacteria present in and on their bodies; in the intestines and on their skin. The bacteria are harmless as long as there is an appropriate balance in the ratio of the good bacteria and the yeast bacteria. This balance is kept in check by the good bacteria that feeds on yeast at a certain rate. The infection occurs when this balance is destabilized and yeast bacteria grow out of control.

The ears are the most typical parts where yeast infection occurs in dogs. This is because yeast bacteria survive well in moist, dump and dark places like the dogs ears. If you own a dog, it is very important to be able to notice the symptoms of this disease in your dog. Some of the symptoms of the disease on skin in dogs are the appearance of sores which are very painful; the skin turns grease like and with a foul smell. You may also know that the dog is loosing hair The ears may produce a smelly discharge, swelling, redness and a lot of itching that causes a lot of distress to the dog.

The type of yeast bacteria behind yeast infection in dogs is called Malasezzia panchydermatis. These bacteria are stimulated to grow by food and pollen grain allergies. Another cause of the disease is due to poor diet. Just like humans when you fail to feed the dog well with useful nutrients, the dog will become unhealthy and develop a weak defence mechanism. A weak defence mechanism cannot efficiently protect the body. Stress and use of antibiotics after treatment cause yeast infection in dogs. An inactive thyroid gland can lead to infection.

There are available anti fungal yeast infection treatment for dogs like fluconazole which targets the root cause of the infection. The veterinary will examine the dog to know the cause and prescribe the right treatment for the dog. If the infection is as a result of a thyroid problem or allergies the proper treatment will be given for these causes. This is very important so as to avoid infections in the future. However for quick recovery you can look for an oral yeast infection treatment for the dog. Other ways you can treat the dog is by dubbing the infected area with alcohol or boric acid which helps to reduce the discomfort and spread of the infection. It’s essential to follow the vet’s instructions about the dosage to the later if you want your dog to completely get well. You can protect your dog from the disease by giving it the proper nutrients in the diet which boosts its immune system to keep it strong and healthy. Ensure that the dog is kept dry all the times especially in the ears after cleaning it.

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