What a sex quiz says about your relationship.

Good Luck!

Taking a sex quiz is a great way to get to know what each other’s desires are without opening that door more then you current feel comfortable. Especially for women, when a lady suggest something sexy, often men take this too far and assume she’s promiscuous This is rarely the point. If you take a sex quiz together, you can get to know about him without revealing too much about yourself!


1.) Use of sex toys. For adults who don’t own a vibrator or other sex toy, this may be taboo but if they already own one, it’s a no brainier. People love sex toys when they know how great they feel so you can know if your man likes to play without him thinking you’re suggesting it now. Inspired? TheAdultToyShoppe.com is a favorite place for couples, without any pictures of nude women it’s the classiest place to go to fulfill this kinky need.


2.) If a question if if you’ve ever been caught having sex or fooling around, this will show your desire for adventure. If you want a more adventurous sex life but are too afraid to ask, this question will open the door for sexual exploration and more passion. Normally, a couple does not talk about previous lovers and their old sex-escapades. By answering this question, you can see if you two should be more explorative and maybe have sex outside of the bedroom!


3.) If a question is if you have ever been cheated, this can say allot about your openness and your emotional baggage and the emotional wall you may out up in your relationship. How else are you ever going to know if your partner was ever cheated on? Maybe your lack of passion is due to their fear from being previously hurt on a relationship.


4.) Questions about fantasies. Many couples are very shy to bring up these taboo topics, if you are in this sort of relationship where you are worried about your lover’s reaction, then these questions will show the truth without worrying about talking about it. Many ordinary couples use sex toys, there is nothing wrong with this, and it is a part of many couples sex life, young and old. This is a sure-fire way to spice up the sex life.


5.) Questions about kinky stuff. Some lovers like to play rough. It is not a disrespectful sex act, more of sex play. You have to think about it in a playful way. This is always a fun thing to go, get some beginner %LINK1% or playfully tug on each other’s hair. This can open the door for more adventure as well. there is nothing wrong with erotic rough sex play, think about how lions have sex, it’s rough! Try it and play like erotically like monkeys do.


Even if your man responds this same easy to the idea of taking a sex quiz, while he probably will, do it anyway, tell him it’s juts for fun. He will most likely get the hint that you feel that your sex life is lacking passion. It is a great ice breaker and a fun way to start the conversation that your bedroom life is dull. Make sex more exciting, get it more foreplay or even bring back foreplay again with a passion quiz.

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