Top Six Free Antivirus Programs

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It is really important to the health and stability of your computer to get the best antivirus software available to you. This is because there are (annoyingly!) hundreds of thousands of nasty computer programs around – known as ‘viruses’ – which have been created to wreak havoc.

Viruses are computer software programs that are specifically programmed to spread themselves to other systems, and usually cause harm to the computer in some way. This might happen by a virus deleting key system files, spying on what a user is doing on that computer, looking for sensitive information (for example bank information) and more. The best case scenario is that the virus simply spreads itself to other computer’s, although usually viruses do damage the computer.

A virus is a type of computer software known as malware. It is called this from the words MALicious softWARE. Other types of malware include spyware (which spy on what the user is doing), adware (which makes pop up ads appear when you are using the computer) and trojan horses (which pretend to be harmless, but actually perform unauthorized and bad actions such as looking for sensitive data).

It is clear that avoiding viruses and other malware is essential. Although it is also clear that antivirus software can be expensive!

Hence we have come up with this ‘Top 6 Free Anti Virus Programs’ article which will help you easily find the right antivirus software for you, all at the very best price: free!

1) Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft offer MSE free to all its Microsoft Windows Vista and 7 owners. You simply have to verify that you own a valid license on their website (which is automatic), and then you get the download. It is a very small download which is good, and it’s easy to install too.

2) Avast Free Anti Virus

Avast! are a well known computer security software vendor, and this free software offers a good amount of protection against a wide range of threats such as viruses and spyware.

3) AVG Antivirus Free

Just like Avast!, AVG are another well known player in the anti virus market. Their free version is fairly effective and does what is described. It isn’t as good as some of the paid software on the market, although this is to be expected considering it is free.

4) Avira AntiVir Free Program Version

Avira are not as well known as AVG, however their free software is good and very effective. It protects against all common forms of malware (for example viruses, spyware and adware), and even protects against more sophisticated attacks too such as rootkits. Definitely one to consider.

5) BitDefender Free

Bitdefender Free guards against viruses only, whilst their paid version protects against all forms of malware. Hence whilst the free version provides decent protection, the fact that it only protects against viruses in its free version might be an indicator to look elsewhere.

6) Comodo Antivirus

Comodo are a well known vendor for security software overall, and are mainly known as a vendor to businesses and not consumers. However despite this, their antivirus software can be downloaded for free and it provides pretty good protection. Definitely one to consider.

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