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No Nonsense WebFire Review

Is WebFire any good?

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Yes and No.

WebFire will provide a hell of a lot of content and services, all of them directly related to Internet Marketing and making money online as an affiliate.

I just finished viewing a 1:39:15 hour long video listed in their member tutorial webinars in which they cleverly combine self-promotion with some basics tutoring.

As a first negative I must mention they promote article spinning, which I definitely do not recommend. For the readers who are not familiar with the fact that search engines change their algorithm daily – Google is rumored to do this up to 500 times a day – it is quite simple to understand.

Search engines have the natural desire to keep their customers, after all, it is their core business. In their goals, most of them state they want to serve relevant original content. What do you think happens when they find tens upon tens of pages that contain spun versions of the same text?

You guessed it right! These pages get flagged and sent to what has become known as “the sandbox” which is the short version of “forget it, this content will never appear in the search engine results pages, not in a million years!”.


Well, it is also the principle of first come first served that is at work here, if you are the first person to publish content on some or other topic, you will find that page indexed soon enough, but not only that; the search engines have also recorded the date you made your content available.

If any other website publishes that same content again, the search engines will disregard it for that keyword which they find most relevant in relation with your content.

That’s it, I finished the rant, so now we can get down to what’s important.

WebFire packs a lot of punch if you are learning about Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing and they have tools that should make any of their competitors green with envy.

The main take away; if you don’t mind being funneled into a rather specialized aspect of how to make money online you will probably get a lot of value for your money and if on top if that you don’t mind putting in the hours of learning as well as the work needed, chances are you will be successful; you will end up making money.



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