The Frequent Causes of Stained Teeth

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The appearance of brown or yellow stains on your teeth is nothing much more than a result of the natural aging process-as a lot of people will notice considerable darkening as they approach their 40’s and 50’s. Even so, you’ll find other foods and substances than can cause discoloration.

Dark substances like red wine, coffee, tea, cola, carrots, oranges and other dark colored foods and beverages can trigger staining over the years. Similarly, acidic foods for example fruits or vinegar can trigger the enamel to erode, thus drawing attention to the yellow-colored dentin beneath.

Smoking, drugs and chemicals may also trigger stains and discoloration. A lot of people know that nicotine leaves behind brown deposits that sink into the teeth, even though on the opposite end of the spectrum; excessive fluoride can leave behind spots of white mottling.

Alternatives for Cosmetic Dentistry and Expert Whitening

These patients have a variety of choices in relation to whitening. One technique entails the use of high-concentration peroxide gel, which applied in the office and remains on them for 15-20 minutes. This strategy can produce substantial color changes in a short period of time, but may possibly call for a lot more than one pay a visit to to take care of truly stubborn stains. Expenses for this procedure vary, but the national average is around $650 a session.

Take home kits using the exact same peroxide gel but in a lower concentration are also accessible by way of most cosmetic dentists. The gel is typically applied before bed and left in the mouth overnight. But since the concentration levels are lower than the in-office method described above, the procedure takes considerably longer just before a patient achieves their desired results. The average price for take house kits run between $200-500.

Lastly, laser whitening is actually a rapidly, but high-priced option to a brighter smile. In this process a cosmetic dentist will apply an unique gel and then activate it using an unique laser. The crystals inside the gel will then penetrate the enamel of the teeth-causing an instantly white smile. Most laser procedures only call for a 1 hour session having a cosmetic dentist, but the procedure can price in excess of $2000.

How you can Select the most beneficial Whitening Alternative

The easiest way to uncover out which teeth whitening process is best for you is to set up a consultation having a cosmetic dentist that specializes in this location. Based on your existing coloration, enamel thinness and spending budget concerns, the physician can then suggest which procedure would be finest to achieve the pearly white smile of your dreams.

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A cosmetic dentist can assist you on the path toward a beautiful smile. A Miami cosmetic dentist has both understanding and experience to correct misalignment and offer much better oral well being.

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