The Braun MR 5550 Handmixer

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The Braun MR5550 professional grade handmixer is one of the most versatile handmixers available today. With all the available accessories this blending and mixing tool will quickly become an essential part of your kitchen. Whether you need to quickly mix a smoothie drink or chop ingredients for tonight’s dinner you will find this tool is the first one you reach for each time.

This kitchen small appliance is easy to store with its own hanging rack so it will not be in the way when you are not using it. With all the optional accessories you may even be able to clear out a few other kitchen appliances in favor of this Braun handmixer. You can easily go from chopping vegetables to pureeing soups and dips with a simple twist of the wrist.

With its 8 inch power handle and 400 watts of power that can be adjusted to 5 different power settings almost any mixing job will be easy. The 2 touch release activation buttons allow for steady power and a turbo burst when needed. There is plenty of power at your finger tips and it is easily controlled with an adjustment dial so you can have just the correct amount of power for whatever you are doing.

The long and thin design of the Braun MR5550 handmixer is perfect for reaching into the deepest container and getting everything properly mixed. With the deep beaker that comes standard you are able to mix and puree almost any soft vegetable or other soft food. From whipping cream with the whisk attachment to crushing ice with the ice crushing attachment this kitchen tool will handle the job with ease.

This Braun handmixer is easy to use and simple to care for, just wash the blending head with dishwashing soap and rinse it off and its ready to go again. It is not recommended that you put the blender head in the automatic dishwasher as this may cause to lubrication in the bearings to leak however the attachments are quite easy to clean by hand.

With the Chopping bowl attachment this Braun handmixer is easily able to process meat, cheese and raw vegetables. All you need do is cut the pieces in small chunks and place them in the bowl and run the mixer. The best results occur when you have chopped the pieces in smaller chunks and left enough room in the mixing bowl for plenty of movement.

With all 6 attachments this Braun MR5550 handmixer can greatly reduce the time needed to prepare meals and snacks. This Braun handmixer becomes a 6 in 1 kitchen tool with the simple motion of twisting off one attachment and twisting on another. Many people actually claim it can become somewhat addictive and they find themselves preparing meals designed to allow them to use this machine.

The fact that this handmixer is produced by the Braun company means it is a quality product backed by a world class company that has a reputation built over many decades. Braun is a company that is known the world over for quality products and the highest standards in the industry.

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