The best pacifier holder for your baby

Good Luck!

Does your child constantly drop her pacifier ground? Tired of washing and sterilizing pacifiers all day long? Worried about safety? Discover which is the best pacifier holder for your baby.

With so many different types and models available it can be hard for any parent to choose. There are plastic holders with rubber guards, plastic toy leashes and even stuffed animal holders. The options are endless.

It’s time to end the hype and get down to the best pacifier holder. We take out all the advertising mumbo-jumbo and talk real facts, even using real parenting experience.

I do not sell these pacifier holders on my site. I will, however, link you to stores that do. Some pacifier holders are easy to find in your local stores, while others are available only to the online shopper.

Cloth Pacifier Holders

Most leashes are made of cloth with a metal or plastic clip that attaches to clothes and a rubber piece or rope end that attaches to the pacifier. The best cloth pacifier are BooginHead Pacifer Holders. Their simple design makes them durable and easy to wash. They don’t have a large plastic decoration like many others do so your baby won’t rip it off their clothes. They come in many different style and colors.

What also makes them the best choice is they attach to any pacifier. You won’t have to find a specific pacifier leash for your pacifier collection. This is an one-size-fits all pacifier leash. They even work with Soothie Pacifiers, one of the best and most recommended pacifiers available.

Plastic Pacifier Holders

Plastic pacifier holders are nice to look at but short on functionality, with a few exceptions. Why the harsh review? Most of the holders in this category are big and bulky for a baby and appeal more to an adult who’s looking for that super cute holder to match their baby’s wardrobe.

Soothie Pacifier holders are an example of what not to purchase. Both ends (what attaches to the baby’s clothes and the pacifier) are very large and bulky (We still recommend Soothie pacifiers because they are on of the best on the market.) For newborns, this can also be a hazard and hurt them. We don’t recommend plastic pacifier leashes until the baby is at least 6 months old.

We recommend the Baby Buddy pacifier holders. The plastic pieces aren’t too big, the clothes fasteners hold on tight and they hold onto the pacifier really well.

Toy Pacifier Holders

Children who love to carry around stuffed animals and toys will love these pacifier holders.

Toy pacifier holders are stuffed animals that also hold on to the pacifier and come in many different animals. They can also be used to decorate a nursery or used for playtime. One of the best features is they are machine washable and drier friendly. Simply remove the pacifier and off and away it goes to get washed.

And the winner is

What ever your baby likes! Yes this is true. No matter what we recommend the decision maker here is your baby. Our baby happened to love the cloth pacifier holders while a friend’s child would only take the toy holders. We did have trouble finding a pacifier she did like and that took a few days to get right. has all the resources to find the best pacifier holder for your baby. They have a wide selection of pacifier holders and pacifier leashes available and great read, Are pacifier holders safe?

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