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Sony Still Cameras have a well deserved reputation for high quality and numerous options that are able to fit any photographers skill level and requirements. From interchangeable lenses and bodies to simple point and shoot models there is an option that can fit your needs and budget.

With the advent of digital photography cameras and the way we use them have gone through a drastic change. Gone are the days of sending film off to be processed and waiting weeks to see the results of your work. The newer models of Sony Still Cameras can add the exact control of a high end 35 MM film camera with the ease of point and shoot snapshot cameras.

With many models having GPS location and built in compasses one is able to mark exactly where and when the photo was shot. Never before has this function been available all in one device. When coupled with computer software one is able to not only take a picture but record exactly where you were and edit the photo without needing assistance from anyone else.

Many newer models of Sony Still Cameras also have the ability to shoot motion pictures some even in HD. This will allow your camera to fill many roles from snapshots to home movies even web cam capabilities if one needs them. You can purchase one easy to use device and fill three different needs which can lead to savings.

Sony has just this year introduced several new models for its cybershot line. Introduced in early 2011 these models have CMOS sensors and up to 16.2 Mega Pixel quality. of these new models are able to shoot motion pictures in 1080i HD quality and many are also able to shoot 3D still images without the need for multiple lenses or imagers. Sony was the first company to bring these capabilities in compact cameras.

With Sony’s DSLR models you have the same high quality as a 35MM film camera. With the ability use different lenses depending on the need at the moment and the ability to have multiple bodies with different functions even professional photographers are able to find a sony still camera to fit all their needs. The single lens reflex type camera allows the photographer to actually see through the lens and be able to know the quality of the shot without having to wait for the photo to be snapped.

With all the different options available from Sony Still Cameras there is sure to be at least one if not more that will meet your needs and your pocket book. So if you are in the market for a new camera then you owe it to yourself to check out Sony and see which model will work best for you.

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