SMS: The New trend

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Gone are the days when talking to friends used to be sitting together over a cup of coffee and chit chatting for hours now the cup of coffee and sitting together has been replaced by a mobile phone and corporate jobs. SMS through mobile phones has rapidly been accepted as the easiest and least time consuming mode of communication around the globe. We all are aware of sending SMS through mobile phones, but the new wave hitting the shore is sending SMS across the country and worldwide using a PC.

A social portal named YouMint is a similar one stop shop which allows you to send SMS across India using your computer and that too for free. All you need to do is to log on and start sending free SMS. This site let’s you send SMS across the nation for free, so that you can keep in touch with your friends and family anytime. Sending free SMS through PC is the most affordable and convenient way of communicating with your friends and family or just enquiring about their well being.

Keeping in touch with your friends that too free of cost. Sending free SMS is the most fascinating thing and is attracting a huge lot of people especially the tech savvy youngsters. These free SMS service have given people a million reasons to feel free to stay in touch with their long lost and almost forgotten relatives. The SMS world is continuously evolving, and has taken over all other modes of communication to gain the top most position of being the most effective and instant way of communicating.

Free SMS are a boon for youngsters tired of paying huge mobile phone bills or spending hundreds in recharging their mobile phones with various lucrative schemes. They are very popular in Brazil and called Torpedos Gr?tis. Now just switch on your PCs and log on and start sending free SMS to let your folks know that they are remembered and with no single penny spent by you. Mobile operators have started charging bomb like prices so that you may send free SMS and that to bound by set limits like the number of SMS and validity.

Typing on the mobile keypads become tiresome and straining after a while. However, that is not an issue with the computer keyboards. Moreover computer keyboards are more durable than mobile keypads. Sending free SMS through your computer is more convenient even when you are in office, working on your computers, all that you need to do is take a minute’s time, log on and send free SMS. One has the added advantage of sending SMS without any inconvenience caused due to the balance of the mobile or suffering the network breakdown and that to for free.

Sending free SMS using a social networking site is the most attractive method to stay in touch especially when your gang of friends is huge. To keep your network intact and let them know that they are remembered keep sending them free SMS, a no cost way of communication.

A lot of us are still avid text messagers, not because we enjoy paying our carrier those tiring toll (or package) fees, but because it’s still one of the most reliable ways to get a text-based message to a cell phone user – not everyone has mobile IM clients or uses mobile email services.
Even web-based services are starting to recognize that, and recently there have been more and more companies launching “free” SMS options – most often free for those users who want to send a text to a cell phone via the web and email.

Sending free SMS from the Internet isn’t a new idea at all and companies have been developing the bridge between email and SMS for years. By now it’s a simple and easy service to set up and companies have started adding these services as a feature to bring in eyeballs.
Startups are also starting to get more creative with the business model (which was previously severely lacking) as well as the technology solution. At the same time they are learning to add privacy and best practices functions.

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