Recycling Aged Pcs: Why Should We Do It?

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We all have lots of electronic devices in our home, and many among us have 2 to 3 desktops or if we’ve a large family possibly four or more. All of us usually buy new ones every three to five years. So , just how can we go green and recycle our old computers? Do we just throw old computers in the junk and count on the sanitation department to recycle them?

Well, I probably would not count on the waste companies to recycle our old computers. The initial place to get started is simply by making a phone call to the city by which your home is. I do know that at my residence of Roswell, Ga. all we need to do is visit the recycling center and locate the suitable location to dispose of that old computer to be recycled. I do know in Atlanta you’re able to drop off computers for recycling at Grady High School every 3rd Saturday. In both cases you need a valid Identification for those places such as a driver license.

Furthermore , i went along to the EPA government site and found that one place on cyberspace you possibly can go is You only put in the term computer together with your area code and up pop a listing of recycling locations in your area. I discovered that Staples is in the shopping mall nearby rather than the city recycling center being across town and will for 10 dollars accept my computers, monitors and printers.

Why do we recycle old computers? Well most computers have components that can be deemed as hazardous waste, if we simply get rid of them in the rubbish dumps there exists a potential to harm the planet by which we are living. Also by reclaiming materials in the computers they can have other important purposes, which might aid to ease the load on resources.

One time when I was a kid I noticed a stream full of old cars and thought just how hideous how come people do that? The natural beauty of nature is elevated if we recycle. So go green with your old computers and keep America beautiful.

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