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These are a set of the most crucial plugins for any wordpress site, of course there are more plugins to accomplish all your requirements but these perform some crucial functions you must have or will need for your site. If you can’t find the exact plugin then you can always maintain any alternative you feel ok with.

Akismet is often ignored as it comes default with WordPress, most people forget to activate it but eventually you will need to. It is the most popular and efficient comment spam blocker I know of. It works by sharing a centralize db with all other blogs using akismet, not just wordpress websites but also Blog Engines and Movable Types, it quickly checks any time someone writes a comment before notifying the wordpress admin, if it’s an authentic comment they will be requested for approval, if not it will be considered spam.

Another good thing about it is that it works without putting up those bothersome captchas. Just look out, any time you go to get your akismet key just move that slider down to zero and select for personal use, they’ve been changing their site around and recently it’s been a little difficult finding the free for personal use option.

All in One SEO Pack
If you want to run a blooming blog you’ll require some form of on post or page seo done and AOSP does just that. The reason why people love this is that you can have one global setting for all your pages and posts although still having the option to modify each page independently.

Here are some tips for using AOSP, after activating it you will have a big red warning at the top of the screen, this is common, go to it’s options and customize it to your preference.

Just so you know in a google search result your “home title” shows up as what people will see on top with the “home description” is that text under the title, your “home keywords” are what they would search for. The setup on this page are just for your index page and you should go through each page and set your keywords.

On all articles the description is always automatically created from your content unless you require to change it, the title will be also automatically created from a combination of your global settings and post title, so the most crucial thing to bear in mind is to always set your meta keywords for each post, the meta keywords are NOT automatically created. those plugins that automatically set your keyword tags but I think they are not worth the problems, you require people to quickly find your establishment and merchandise for sale, anything done automatically can never quite get the context in which you are using your words.

Google Analyticator
The intention of it is to enable your blog to be followed by big G. You don’t definitely want it to be followed but for those who don’t need to go into their footer files it will do that for you. What I like about it is that you can easily see your traffic data anytime from wp-admin without logging into big G. All you need to do is compose an Google Analytic account and enter your on the plugin’s wp admin setting page.

Google XML Sitemap
It automatically generates a XML sitemap any time you write a post or post or page and it also notifies Google, Bing and about your changes. The sitemap constructed is a regular sitemap not specifically made for google but for all search engines, a sitemap is a way for the search engine spiders to find all the articles on your blog, it makes it’s easier for them to find pages it wouldn’t easily find. Every site needs to have a sitemap.

CB Ping Optimizer
I also like to set up a ping optimizer to cut down on too many notifying when doing and modifications. Comes by default wordpress pings blogs to let that you’ve just updated your site, each time you create a post, wp signals them, any time doing constant changes this can seem like you’re spamming them.

This setting can be once every 15 minutes. The increased benefit with it is that you can have way more websites to your list than what wp does by default. Visit our site’s original page below to download our free ping list.

WordPress Database Backup
We never know when a website might need to be refreshed, mishaps appear for the duration and having this in place can be a security, the settings can be set to once or twice daily, that should be all right for any person.

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