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Functional and Uncomplicated Ideas for Boys Costumes

It’s always challenging to decide on the best costume idea. Boys love dressup, and getting into character is always a favorite. Often boys will opt for costumes of their favorite TV character or movie. However, if your child is attending a birthday party, chances are, at least three of the boys are sporting the very same Superman costume that your boy is wearing. Boys love to be unique though, and we all want our children to stand out in a crowd.

Here are some practical and simple ideas for the get-up of your little boys. Doing this requires some creativity, a little bit of patience, and simple clothing pieces and items that you may already have in the house.

Ninja ? A simple costume choice, dressing up as a ninja requires black clothing. For the ninja mask, use black fabric or t-shirt. You can also purchase the mask at costume shops if you are having a hard time doing the mask.

Jack Sparrow ? Find a shirt with big sleeves. Women often have this kind of shirt called the gypsy blouse. On top of the shirt, place a long black jacket or vest, then pair it with a thick belt with large buckle. Have him wear dark pants and tall boots to match his top. Add a triangular hat with hair extensions to achieve the Jack Sparrow look. For a more pirate aura, add some scruff around the face using brown mascara. Do not use eye patch, Jack Sparrow does not wear one.

Cowboy ? This one of the favorite boys costumes of all time. Pair your kid?s jeans preferably with Western boots. Borrow your Dad?s cowboy hat and button-down shirt. To complete the cowboy look, thread a rope through his bet loop for his lasso.

Baseball Player ? Sports figures are also among little boys costume preferences, especially if Dad often tunes in to ESPN. If your child is already on the baseball team, you simply have to ask him to put on his uniforms and lo! Your task is done! If not, you can borrow from a member of the varsity team. You can also purchase athletic socks and uniform from an athletic supply store. Do not forget the cap and gloves so that your boy will feel like a real baseball star.

Alien ? Is your child fond of out-of-this-world characters? Then, being an alien is a wonderful boys costume idea. Find a green sweatshirt and pants. Paint your child?s face with green face paint and shade his eyebrows with black for added effect. Search your local store for a pair of antennas and cover it with green felt paper. Gently place it on his or her head.

Surfer ? This one is very easy. Let your child put on his swimming trunks paired with a white undershirt. Ask him to wear his pair of sandals and let him have your sunglasses. Since a real surfboard would be too heavy for him, create one using a thick cardboard. Cut it out the way a surfboard is shaped and put some paint on it to make it like the real one. Have him carry it around while at the party.

Boys? costumes are not limited to Marvel superheroes. There are plenty of choices available for your kid. If you want him to stand out during a party, assist him in his costume choices.

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