Is Diabetes a Disease or an Eating Disorder?

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Is Diabetes a Disease or an Eating Disorder?

My Research on Type 2 Diabetes: My name is Diabetes Bob and I am a 70 year old diabetic. I have been a diabetic for over 20 years. The first 18 years of diabetes was a real struggle. With the help of doctors and medication my control of blood sugar was adequate at best.

Then I gave myself permission to love my health better than the food that I was eating. By eating natural foods instead of processed food I got my diabetes under control. My friend, if a 70 year old diabetic can do it then you can do it; all you need to know is how. Let me share the Good News with you.

My HbA1 C dropped from 8 to 5.9% reducing my risk for heart disease, kidney disease and liver disease by a whopping 70%. My Triglycerides fell from 180 to 107 with (optimal being less than 150). My Cholesterol dropped from 220 to 180 with (optimal being 0 to 200).

By changing my eating habits I am healthier today at age 70 then I was at age 50. I want to cut right to the chase and nip this diabetes thing in the bud.

Pima Indians:

NIDDK research conducted on the Pima Indians for the past 30 years has helped scientists prove that obesity is a major risk factor in the development of diabetes.  These studies, carried out with the help of the Pima Indians, have shown that before gaining weight, overweight people have a slower metabolic rate compared to people of the same weight.

The more that I have read about diabetes, the more that I realize that diabetes is a lifestyle issue. I think the Western diet is the worst diet in the world. Our processed foods are leading us to poor health. I think the study done on the Pima Indian says it all.

There is no doubt that I am a diabetic and I will be all my life. But knowing what I know now I do have choices about lifestyle change. When you read this information, see if you can come to the same conclusion that I did.

Pima Indians are better known around the world for their diabetes than for their culture. The History of Pima Indians tribes in Mexico live in the mountains and have less than 5% diabetes instance. A group of Pima Indians migrated to Southern Arizona and started a new life. This group of Pima Indian’s had a lifestyle change going from the traditional diet to the Western diet. An amazing thing happened, the instance of diabetes increased to almost 70%.

When these Indians lived on the traditional diet they still had the diabetes gene but it was under control because they ate natural foods. This would indicate to me that going on the Western Diet of processed food activated the gene and caused their diabetes.

Monkeys and Diabetes:

You are probably saying to yourself what does this have to do with diabetes. As more proof to me this information helps support my suspicion on eating disorder. When I found out about pet monkeys and diabetes it confirmed how important lifestyle is.

In the wilds monkeys never get diabetes. When monkeys are adopted as pets and humans start feeding the monkeys the same foods that they eat, an amazing thing happens. By eating the sugars and processed foods yep you guessed it monkeys get type II diabetes.

I don’t know what can be more telling than that.

Let’s face it; there is a real lesson to be learned. I think that our bodies were never meant to digest all the cheap synthetics, growth hormones and antibiotics in our processed foods.

When the body can’t use this add-in the only thing the body knows how to do is to protect itself by storing these toxins in our body as fat. That means that we are carrying around toxins in our system which is causing all kinds of health problems.

The much lower prevalence of type 2 diabetes and obesity in the Pima Indians in Mexico than in the U.S. indicates that even in populations that may be genetically prone to these conditions, their development is determined mostly by  environmental circumstances, thereby suggesting that type 2 diabetes is largely preventable.

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