How to Survive The Coming Catastrophe

Good Luck!

Are you ready for the next tsunami or natural disaster. Civil unrest can occur in a very short period of time as we’ve seen in Bahrain. These situations require that you have the capacity to reside in your own home for at a minimum seventy two hours.

But suppose you had to remain inside for 7 days or a month? Although every house should really have a number of forms of emergency preparedness supplies, how many families have an adequate amount of materials to last one or a few months in case of an unexpected emergency? It is common to carry additional pantry supplies such as canned foods along with emergency lights, electric batteries, blankets, first aid kits, and other emergency necessities. But have you thought about food and drinking water? Industry experts say that perhaps the most critical requirement to own during an disaster really are food items and water.

Certainly, the true secret to living through a longer term crisis situation is to be organized by obtaining emergency food items and drinking water. While other catastrophe materials may be useful, we all have to have meals and normal water to live. In case electricity is not available, water will not flow to your house. The pipes that carry water to your house might end up damaged. Some are convinced in an emergency they could try to collect water from a natural source such as a waterway, creek or community reservoir, but that is assuming that drinking water source has not been toxified at the time of the crisis, or that it happens to be even secure to travel outside.

You also cannot presume that you can collect food during a disaster circumstance. Food deliveries will not show up at your neighborhood store and quite possibly if you can hunt live game in your area, it will be difficult to hunt when you have to contend with others who also are hunting for the same food sources. In the event you could hunt for animals in your vicinity, you still have to cook the animal.

The best way to prepare for the next hurricane or civilization meltdown is to prepare ahead of time by investing in freeze dried food and water. When building your freeze dried food supplies, consider whether you must prepare for stay inside scenarios or a bug out survival. The ideal choice is for you to be able to handle both conditions.

For stay-in emergencies, you will want to have freeze dried food that is straight forward to cook. Mountain House and AlpineAire are popular freeze dried manufacturers who make #10 cans and freeze dried pouches. Cans have the great benefit of twenty-five to thirty year shelf life.

For remote scenario, you need to keep MRE’s (meal ready to eat) which you can pack quickly for an immediate getaway if conditions require an exit from your home. One drawback to MRE’s is that heavier to carry than bulk freeze dried food. The benefit is that MRE’s taste much better. It is a good idea to buy heaters when buying your MRE’s.

Preparing either type of emergency can challenge the pocketbook, so the best method to achieve your desired preparedness level is to slowly add every few weeks. A popular way is to set aside 10% of your income each pay period. Consider incremental freeze dried purchasing as an investment. As each month passes, one increases the stock of freeze dried food. You may not purchase a full 60-day supply of food now, doing so as you progress, the goal is achievable.

So the action plan for you right now is to start looking at what food supplies you presently have in your kitchen and make a plan to increase to it every calendar month as part of your emergency preparedness plan. Do not forget to discuss with your loved ones your readiness plans. This comprises what to do in the event of the an emergency, where to go, what to collect, and under what conditions you plan to stay-in emergencies or bug out. Being prepared will bring you serenity, and hopefully, should a disaster ever hit, being prepared will keep you and your family members alive.

The author is an avid prepper and backpacking. Torie has been known to enter local backpacking cookout competitions using different combinations of freeze dried food recipes. As such, Torie is also an expert on how to buy Mountain House freeze dried #10 cans and food pouches even when hey are out of stock.

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