How to shave your Head the right way!Headshaving 101

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Hair loss is very widespread among adult men. Many of us try to reduce hair loss by taking medicinal drugs like Finasteride or by applying topical options like Minoxidil. But these are only short-lived treatments. Others decide to shave their head completely to avoid the frequent and aesthetically displeasing horseshoe pattern. No more doubts, no more applications, no more pills. Sounds wonderful, right?

Shaving your head has become more of a fashion statement and a way of living rather than a direct result of male pattern baldness. You might ask yourself, “How will it look?” and I can reassure you, that the majority men look remarkably good with a shaved head. Besides a bald head stands for self esteem and masculinity.

But enough with the babbling, let’s get started.

Shaving Utilities:


A sharp and good shaver is very important for a great and close shave. Almost all of the razors I experimented with were dull and resulted in an extremely uncomfortable shaving experience.

Almost all of the other head shavers I know utilize a Mach3 razor, but I found about three blades to be quite harsh on your scalp and much more likely to give you razor burn. The top one for shaving your head, from my own experience, is the Gillette Sensor Excelwith two blades.

Shaving Gel:

Apply the same Shaving Gel/Cream you utilize for your facial skin. If you usually do not shave your facial area with a razor, I would probably advise a shaving gel for sensitive skin with aloe Vera as a main component. Aloe Vera is very moisturizing and may help to make the razor glide easily across the scalp. I like the Gillette gel for sensitive skin.


Don’t use an aftershave with alcohol, as it dries out your skin and tends to make the scalp rather sensitive. I highly recommend using a good, non-comedogenic lotion.

Shaving Routine:

1. Wet your scalp with warm water or take a hot shower. The hot water opens the follicles and makes the hair much softer.

2. Use a good quantity of shaving gel/cream. Work it in as good as possible, until finally you have a great lather going and let it rest for at least 2-3 minutes. This part is very important. You really want to provide the lubrication plenty of time to soften the hair.

3. Begin Shaving WITH the grain. This is essential. If you shave each and every day, you do not want to shave against the grain, because that will result in razor burn and discomfort. Start with your dome and follow up with by the backside and the sides of the head. Use short slow strokes and do not rush it.

Over time you will discover an approach that works best for you.

4. Wash your head with ice cold water for approximately 10-20 secs. The chilly water closes the skin pores and will reduce discomfort.

5. Apply a non-comedogenic lotion. I found Cetaphil Cream to be really good. If you are intending to go outside, wear a baseball hat or use a sunscreen with at the least SPF 15.

That is it. Enjoy the attention.

I’ve been shaving my head for several years now. If you liked my article, maybe you could check out my latest page Lavastein Gasgrill and my comment on the current Landmann Gasgrill

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