How To Ask A Girl For A Long Date

Good Luck!

The easiest and most effective way to ask a girl is here to tell a girl who wants to ask out. It may be easier or more effective than that. What? This is not what I wanted to hear? Do you think there’s more to it? Let me guess what you think. You think to say directly that it would not work. The reason you feel this way because you have tried and not worked, or maybe because I’ve never dealt with first. In both cases, I guess you’re afraid of rejection and is therefore still looking for a safe way to ask a girl. Am I right? Read on my assumptions apply to you.

Why do you want to ask a girl out? Stop reading and take some moments to ask yourself why.

Perhaps you didn’t phrase it this way, but I believe it comes down to the fact that you find women dating her attractive and you want to get to know her better. So, you want to ask her out on a date and to find out more about her by spending time with her. If that’s what you want, say it to her. You might be inclined to sugar-coat it by saying something like “Well, maybe we could have coffee and watch a movie if you like…” which is usually a subtle way of asking a girl out, but you can be straight forward like a real man. For you, the real aim of inviting her to a cafe is not to have coffee with her, but to spend time with her and to get to know her. Be sincere and express it to her.


But what if she rejects your invitation? You might be worried about sex personals dating, but why should you? You tell her that you find her attractive and want to know her more. This is a great gift you can give to her, and you should be proud of yourself for being direct, sincere and authentic towards her. That’s what really matters. Whether she accepts your invitation is up to her, and the fact that she may decide not to come with you doesn’t necessarily mean that she rejects you as a person.


I usually assume that women I find attractive are taken, and I flirt with sexy women them anyway. This is a powerful assumption to make if you do it correctly, because you can stop worrying whether she is taken or not and instead you can focus on having fun with her. Give and share a good time with a woman instead of trying to get something from her. Asking a girl out in an authentic way is a great compliment and a gift you can give to her.


To sum up this article, the easiest and most effective way to ask a sex personals girl out is to tell her what you want, namely, that you find her attractive and want to get to know her better. This directness is what makes you authentic, confident and attractive as a man. Remember that whether she accepts your invitation doesn’t matter much and you don’t need to be afraid of rejection, because what matters is whether you are being authentic with her or not and giving a gift of celebrating her. If you are being honest and authentic with her, you’ve done your best. A good way to be light and free from anxiety is to assume that women you find attractive are all taken and you are there to give and share a good time with them by having fun together.

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