GE Advantium Ovens The next step in oven technology from General Electric

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GE Advantium four ovens in one. Advantium is one of GE’s most advanced ovens ever designed. With four different cooking styles this oven is able to take the place of four different appliances in your kitchen. Speedcook, True European Convection, Sensor Microwave and Warming capabilities are just the beginning when you add in the soften and melting functions you have a multi-functional oven that has more capabilities than almost any other oven on the market today.

The ability to cook your favorites up to eight times faster than conventional ovens without the need to pre-heat not only saves time but also saves energy. Cooking and grilling meals with lightening fast speed and without losing any of the oven quality taste is the best attribute of this line of ovens. Knowing you can prepare meals that are fast and have consistent results each and every time is due to the high performance abilities of this line of ovens.

The versatility of the GE Advantium oven line allow you to turn your oven into an every day use appliance. With multi level cooking and the ability to cook up to a 9×13 dish this oven can go from a quick microwave to cooking an entire meal. From preparing an entire meal to reheating leftovers this oven can do it all. Using the soften and melt functions to help in meal preparation can greatly reduce the time it take to fix almost any meal.

The GE Advantium oven is equipped with 175 pre programmed recipes and 30 custom recipes there is a setting pre programmed in this oven that will meet almost any cooking need. The easy to use controls increase the ease of programming cooking instructions and the stainless steel construction interior allow easy clean up and keeps the interior looking great for years to come. The glass touch controls are easy to use and easy to clean up after wards.

One of the most advanced GE Products The GE Advantium ovens are cutting edge cooking technology. Designed to reduce the time spent preparing meals and allow you extra time to spend on the more important things in your life. Imagine being able to take the extra time you save each day on meal preparation and spend it doing something you want. Spend the extra time with your family or just relaxing after a long day at work. The appliances in our kitchen were designed to ease our workload and the GE Advantium ovens take that concept to the next level of efficiency. Get one for yourself and see how much time it can save for you.

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