Football Training Tips – Part I – General Tips

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Introduction to 4 Part soccer training series for rock star football players

The best in class football players do not hit Gold in a matter of few days. The constant dedication and in-field practice along with fine training technique hones their overall skills in a seamless manner. This series would be covered in the following four parts:

  • Football Training Tips – Part I : General Tips
  • Football Training Tips – Part II : Quarterback Training
  • Football Training Tips – Part III : Dynamic Flexibility
  • Football Training Tips – Part IV : Speed Training

First and foremost the learners of the game should hit the gym for getting the apt weight training. The personal sports trainer would guide the players to move up the ante as far as extensive workout is concerned. The strength building training should not be limited to legs and arms but be balanced throughout the body. A set workout schedule should instead be followed rather than the ad-hoc plans.

In order to improve the stride speed the resistant bands should be leveraged.  This would help the players in building their thigh muscles for delivering an impactful punch in the power packed football match. One end of the band should be fixed to a stationary object of ankle height while the other end should be fixed to the ankle. The leg should be lifted up and the position should be stationed for at least 12 seconds to 15 seconds. They should not over train themselves before the crucial league match.

The focus while getting trained at a professional football training camp should be on power, agility, speed and sheer strength. The players should ensure to leverage from the experience and tips shared by the coach rather than experimenting their own ways of making an impact in the training session. It is important to follow right techniques and strategies rather than hitting the unknown spheres.

It is equally imperative to take breaks in between of the training bursts in order to get back the momentum. A rest for 10 mins in between the training session of 1 hour continuous can help players in understanding the strategies in a far better manner. The training videos should also be benefited by the players while trying to gain more from the training sessions. Some of the fine techniques are taught by the experts from scratch to the players who wish to make a name for them in the competitive space of football on the go.

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