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Being unfairly terminated by your employer is of course often surprising and will most likely leave you with a bunch of questions on how to proceed next. You will most possibly need the service of an employment lawyer. Washington has specific state laws that apply to employment law, so if you were working in this state you will want to enlist the services of a lawyer who has experience in Washington employment law. Until then we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about employment law and lawyers for the state of Washington.

In Washington, if I resign and my company owes me commissions, do they have to pay me that commission?

Yes, if you have earned those commissions while actively working as an employee for that company, they are under assurance to pay you. If they fail to you should talk to an employment lawyer. Washington law states that commissions are considered wages and your employer does have the responsibility to pay them to you, even if you have subsequently resigned.

I work in Washington and have a medical issue and lay down treatment. Can my employer dictate when I receive that treatment or undergo surgery if necessary?

There is no yes or no answer to this question – it depends on your circumstances. If it is an emergency treatment or surgery, then evidently they cannot dictate the timing. However if it is not an emergency but it is in preference classified as an elective treatment or surgery (your issue is not life threatening or life altering, or won’t worsen without treatment as time goes by), then your employer does have the right to request you undergo the treatment at a time that accommodates them to a certain degree. The availability and advice of your surgeon comes into play – he or she can confirm in writing when it is ideal for you to have the surgery if necessary.

Because medical issues can often get complicated, it is advised that you query the advice of an employment lawyer. Washington state’s laws often differ from other states when it comes to employee law and how medical issues are a factor, so make sure the attorney who advises you is well-known with the laws of this state.

In Washington, is there state or national help for employees who are on leave for medical reasons? I have been off of work for 2 months now and it is looking like I’ll have to go back for more surgery so won’t be back for another month or so – should I be afraid of losing my job?

For Washington, there are no state laws to protect your job. There is the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) which allows an employee to take a protected leave of absence for work due to medical reasons for up to 12 weeks. However that is only open to for government employees and for companies that have at least 50 employees, and once the 12 weeks are up the employer has the right to terminate you or hire another employee as a replacement. If FMLA does not work for your situation you should consider applying for disability. If you are threatened by your employer while protected by FMLA, contact an employment lawyer (Washington has attorneys who are experienced with FMLA).

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