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Hair growth is encouraged, as hair and scalp directly absorbs hair growth shampoo made from natural herbs. The application of chemicals added to many commercial shampoos can cause can cause damage is prevented which is an added benefit by homemade hair growth shampoo.

For cheap shampoo that can restore hair growth it is good to be made in home. Use a soft, but cleansing soap base. Though castile soap is soft, it is effective in removal of oils from the hair shaft and the scalp. In order to stimulate hair growth soap which has a base of chemicals or petroleum products should be avoided as these ingredients because damage to the hair and prevent hair growth. The chemicals like parabens, methylparaben, propylene glycol, cetearylalcohol, propylparaben, glycol, polyoxyethylene, or distearate should be avoided.

Herbs for hair growth: Essential Oils
To stimulate hair growth many natural herbal remedies are available. The best way of using herbal tinctures, homemade hair growth shampoo is adding essential oils. Buy oil without alcohol while adding essential oils. One teaspoon of soap should be added.

Herbal dyes for hair growth
Home made herbal tinctures can be used. It is like making tea, use less water and more tea to create a concentrate. Add three teaspoons of herbs to six ounces of water. Let the herbs steep for 15 minutes then strain herbs. Two ounces of dye can be added to four ounces of soap base.

Nettles grow hair
It has been shown by Nettles to stimulate hair growth. This native plant can be used fresh or dried which is picked up in spring or summer. In other seasons, dried nettle plant can be purchased. Both the dye can be prepared and added to soap.

Romero hair grows
For centuries, in folk medicine Romero has been used as hair tonic. Hair follicles have been stimulated by it. Because hair growth begins in the hair, adding rosemary to hair growth shampoo will stimulate hair growth. Since Romero blooms all summer, freshly it can be used in tincture or dried for later use.

A common misconception is that hair loss is mainly a disease of men. In reality it affects many women also. Perhaps women make greater efforts to hide it and they do not talk much about their thinning hair, perhaps this is the reason for the misconception. You can use a hair growth shampoo for women to get healthy hair.

Ingredients for hair growth shampoo for men
Shampoos containing vitamin B is very good for men. This vitamin provided protein and offers healthy glow. Saw Palmetto is another ingredient that can stimulate the regrowth of hair.

It is very important for you to start treating your hair loss as soon as you notice that your hair is thinning. The chance of getting the hair regrowth will be significantly increased by this.

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