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Commission Underground is a new WordPress plugin designed to automatically create commission producing websites in a wide variety of niches. This software also has an automatic link building aspect. As the software was just recently released there is not a lot of real world information or an idea of the long term effectiveness yet.

The first part of Commission Underground is focused on building seo friendly webpages automatically. The software only requires you choose a niche and enter a few lines of information to automatically pull relevant information and videos to populate your site with content and affiliate links.

The second part of Commission Underground is focused on the link building aspect of the system. All you need to do is fill in the log in information of several social bookmarking sites and the system will automatically post notices to these sites when new posts are added. Another part of the link building aspect is the system will automatically post comments on your site from other users of the system as well as posting comments from your sites to their pages. This ensures a steady traffic of comments for all users of Commission Underground.

The automated nature of the system allows you to choose how many posts are added to your site daily. This will ensure a regular flow of new constant that is designed to be relevant and unique to your site and your niche. This is truely a launch and leave system that will require little attention on your part to continue growing and bringing in new viewers each and every day.

The system is designed to automatically add the most relevant tags and keywords to the targeted niche. Again without any further intervention on your part as this is all set up in the original settings and does not require further attention. The most impressive part of this system is the automated nature which can be set up in a short time and then left to run on its own.

Travis Stephenson is the designer of this software and the same person that brought out Income Entourage which has proven to be a quality product that performs as it was advertised. There is every reason to believe this software will work as well or better than Travis’ last software. This system seems quite capable of providing exactly what has been promised in the sales information.

Due to the fact this software has only been available to the general public for a few days it is difficult to be able to give a thorough review of the long term effectiveness of the sites built with this software. Also the automated nature of the content gathering and posting may be an issue but it is too early to tell for sure.

All in all with the price of the software being so low for the initial purchase there is every reason to at least try it out and see for yourself. There are several aspects of this software that looks promising and certainly worth the time and effort it takes for you to check it out for yourself and form your own opinions.

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