Coleman Lanterns Outdoor Lighting for Over 100 Years

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W.C. Coleman began the Coleman company in the early 1900’s specifically to produce a superior lantern. He noticed a gas lantern burning in a store as He passed and decided the new technology was far superior to the current Kerosene lanterns. Kerosene lanterns of the day gave off a dim light and were very smoky causing their use indoors to be messy and inefficient. So manufacturing a lantern that was powered by clean burning gasoline was just what rural America needed at the time.

Coleman Lanternswere designed at the time to use gasoline as a fuel which allowed them to give off a much brighter light and greatly reduced the smoke and fumes associated with lantern use. Electricity was not common in most of the country at the time especially in rural areas. W.C. Coleman was looking for a better light to read by at night as He had difficulties reading by the current kerosene lanterns in use at the time.

The Coleman company has grown over the years to produce many different products for outdoor and camping use. Products ranging from Coolers and Ice Chests, Tents, Stoves , Grills and many options in outdoor lighting. Even while adding many products to become a leader in outdoor activity supplies Coleman has continued to produce and improve the first product they marketed, namely Coleman lanterns.

The improvements Coleman has made to their lanterns has added many options for outdoor lighting and even emergency lighting. Power options for Coleman lanterns range from kerosene to the rechargeable CPX electric system. With such a diverse array of products it is easy to find a Coleman lantern that will fit whatever lighting need you might have. If you want to have the look and feel of your childhood memories of camping and still want the convenience of electric power you can choose the Retro Coleman battery Lanterns. There are even dual fuel models that are able to run on more than one fuel source adding to the convenience when you are purchasing fuel for your lantern.

The Coleman company has been committed from the very beginning to bringing you the very best and latest lighting products. With the highest standards for safety and convenience Coleman is still one of the leading companies in outdoor lighting options. Wherever you need extra light you can find a Coleman product that will provide that light with reliability and safety always in the forefront. No matter what Coleman product you purchase you can be sure it will be the highest quality product available.

The Coleman company and their lighting products are useful in the campground, the backyard and even your home. You can always depend on Coleman lanterns when you need a good source of bright white light to see your way in the dark. With a Coleman Lantern you will never need to worry about the dark again.

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