Choosing the Right Scope for your shooting needs

Good Luck!

The correct rifle scope can be the difference between success and failure whether you are a competitive shooter or a hunter. Choosing the correct scope for your rifle and the type of shooting you plan is one of the most important things any shooter needs to do. There is really no one size fits all approach to matching your rifle its scope and the type of use you plan for the combination of the two.

There are as many types of rifle scope available as there are way to use that scope and rifle match. The first factor to consider when choosing a scope for your rifle is the type of rifle you will be using. A scope designed for a small caliber rimfire type rifle would not do very well on a high power long range rifle just the same as a scope designed for long range high power shooting would be much too powerful and expensive for short range smaller rifles. Matching the scope to the rifle is the first step in having a successful system that uses both scope and rifle to its full potential.

A high power hunting or long range target rifle will require a more powerful and more durably constructed scope to be able to withstand the shocks involved in firing high power ammunition. Once you have matched the scope power and durability to the rifle it will be mounted on then you must consider the type of shooting you will doing most. Target shooting at a firing range is a very different environment than hunting out in the open fields. A target scope should be powerful and durable enough to withstand repeated use and usually requires a less wide field of vision as the targets are stationary and are not difficult to find. A hunting scope will usually require a wider field of vision as your target will usually be more difficult to find and differentiate from the surrounding environment.

The ability to adjust your scope for windage and elevation is also an important feature for longer range shooting and a scope designed for this type of shooting will have dependable and easy to use adjustment controls where a scope for shorter range shooting may not even require any adjustments aside from the initial sighting in and accuracy adjustments any scope needs. Having the correct equipment for the situation simply requires knowing how you plan on using the scope and rifle combination and understanding the capabilities of the equipment you have chosen.

I have found using a common sense approach is the best beginning point when making the decision on equipment such as scopes and type of rifle you will be using. Once you have decided how you will be using the equipment you purchase finding the correct match between scope and rifle is a much easier job. For more information about scopes visit AR Scopes where you can find information on many different brands and models from which to choose.

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