Choosing The Right Private Piano Teacher For You

Good Luck!

Every piano teacher has a different style. Its great if you find a private piano teacher who you are compatable with. This way you will be eager to go to your lessons and learn.
Did you know that piano teachers have different methods of teaching, different levels of teaching and different expertise? You need to match the teacher with your specific goals.

.What should beginners learn and how long does it take? All beginning piano students should learn to read music in both hands and be able to play hands together. This should take 8-10 months for adults, and 12 months for ages 4-8. Be sure to ask your teacher how long it takes using his or her piano course. If it takes longer than this, look for another teacher.

.What type of music do you want to play?

.Classical music: This requires a teacher who is college educated, knows how to train you in technical proficiency, and also knows how to prepare you for performances and concerts.

.Contemporary music: You will need the basics of reading music, plus some music theory in scales and chords.

.Jazz & Blues: Your teacher must be an expert in classical and music theory. You need to learn exact formulas and application, not hear and play improv.

.Classical & Blues & Jazz: This is the ultimate teacher. You will get the perfect foundation for all types of music.

.What to look for in a professional teacher. It’s important that you study with a professional teacher, not a neighborhood teacher who has no credentials and only teaches beginners. You want to be able to move in levels of expertise and a beginning piano teacher will not be proficient in getting you to the intermediate or advanced levels.

.Ask what ages they teach. You want a teacher who can teach above the beginning levels and has experience with all ages. If you are an adult, you want to study with a teacher who can teach adults, for you want adult music, not children’s music.

.Are you compatible? Be sure that you will like studying with this personality or you will not finish your lessons. Personalities are very important. Do not study with a teacher you do not like.

.Is the studio professional? Some neighborhood teachers have their studio in the home. I have found this can be the best experience if the studio is set up professionally and separated from the home environment. You do not want your lessons interrupted by their families answering telephones or doorbells.

.How do they charge? Do they charge by the month or by the week? Most professional studios will charge by the month, which is much easier for students. This also ensures you that your teacher will not be canceling.

.How do they handle cancellations? Does this teacher charge for cancellations, and if so, will she make up the cancelled lesson? You want a teacher who charges for cancellations; this means that she has a busy studio and is in demand. If you are a good student, she will see that you have a make-up lesson.

.Do they take vacations? Ask for the teacher’s vacation schedule. Some teachers take time off during the year and some teachers do not teach in the summer.

.Your vacation time. Be sure that a teacher will allow you vacation time without charging you for lessons.

.How to pay for music needed for lessons? Does your teacher get the music books and charge you or are you required to get your own books? If you have to get your own music, be sure to ask which store supplies the required books.

.Do they have performances or recitals? If they have recitals, make sure that you are not required to participate unless you want to perform. I have found a lot of adults that do not want to play in recitals which are actually designed for young performers, but the teacher insists. All students should have a repertoire that can be performed for intimate get-togethers with family and friends.

.Ask the teacher for a list of songs that you will be learning. It is important for your success that you will be playing some familiar songs that you enjoy. The teacher should be able to give you arrangements at your level of your requested favorites.

Learning piano can and should be a wonderful experience. If you find your lessons become boring and you don’t want to practice, ask the teacher for some new material. If this doesn’t help, then I would suggest that you switch teachers.

So how do you know if you have chosen a good piano teacher. When you leave you should be leaving with the feeling of looking forward to you next lesson. You should feel as if you have learned something new and you had a rewarding experience.

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