Buying The Best Newborn Stethoscope For Your Medical Needs

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The pediatric stethoscope is a vital, noninvasive, diagnostic instrument, which is used for child, as well as newborn and neonatal patients. The stethoscope is an instant way to hear not only heart and lung sounds, but the other internal sounds within the body, including blood flow within the arteries. There is an array of brands to choose from, as well as many price ranges. But probably the most important aspect of deciding on which stethoscope to get is the sound quality it has. Let’s be honest, if you can’t auscultate the different bodily sounds articulately a delay in diagnosis can result in dire consequences.

The most customarily used pediatric diaphragms are the acoustic, which is what we see physicians and nurses use most often. The stethoscopes used on children and adults all the same. But if you looked closer you would notice how much smaller the pediatric stethoscope bell size is compared with the adult version. Simply due to this size difference you can’t get the most accurate sound quality from an adult diaphragm on the pediatric patient as you can from a model designed for the smaller patient.

In choosing a pediatric stethoscope, not only Is the comfort of the ear pieces a must, but they should fit firmly in order to minimize the noise in your surrounding environment, so that you will be assured to not miss something crucial which could lead to an inaccurate diagnosis. There are reatailers such as Omron which make diaphragms that have flexible, as well as changeable ear pieces.

The remaining construction of stethoscopes is the tubing, the diaphragm and/or bell. For children, the double tubing gives better audibility than the single tubes models. It’s also good to have not only a bell, but a combination bell/diaphragm witch will let you to listen to high and low frequency bodily sounds. Another extremely valuable issue in choosing the stethoscope is to do with latex allergies. There are multiple manufacturers who produce high quality, latex free pediatric stethoscopes.

Individuals know what a surprise it can be when a cold diaphragm is pressed against our skin. To prevent this when examining a pediatric patient you can get a stethoscope cover. Certainly functionality and durability are influential considerations when deciding on the right stethoscope. And last but not least, read reviews from nursr professionals who have used various stethoscopes before you decide on your next purchase.

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