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BlackBerry Curve 8520 is the third generation of the company’s compact, full-QWERTY messaging smartphone assembly line. It has the same basic shape gene as the original 8300 series devices, but gets some nicely upgraded lineaments and more modern styling in a package that is rough the like sized as the more expensive Curve 8900. We reviewed a T Mobile USA version of the Curve 8520, which puts up the company’s based Hotspot @ Home VoIP sending for service.

Physical Aspects.

At 106.5 gravitational constant (3.8 oz) in weight and quantifying 109mm x 60mm x 14mm (4.3″ x 2.4″ x .6″) in size, the new Curve 8520 is slenderly lighter than the Curved shape 8900, but fundamentally the same sizing. The keyboard on the device is much like the original’s and offers corking spirit , but the backlighting and coloring material of the keys on the drear model we tried out creates reading them difficult in dimly lit rooms. We suspect that the black version of the 8520 will be easier to read in such environments . The call keys and the computer menu and escape keys on the 8520 are flush climbed up on the face of the device, but they still volunteer a good tactile pawl when adjured .

The new optical trackpad control takes the place of the trackballs that we ‘ve visualized on most Blackberry bush devices for a few twelvemonths now. The trackpad is basically an optical mouse that has been turned upside down. It works quite an well in general, though is plausibly a bit more difficult to check than the trackball. The top side , even so , is that the trackpad wo n’t get gunked up by dust or facial oils the agency a trackball will. In the end, I cogitate the electrical switch to a trackpad is a fair trade that works out for the user in the long haul.

On the top of the phone things altered up a bit from anterior Blackberry modelings. There is no lock push any longer, and we now have dedicated succeeding and previous path music commands that ride on either side of the dual-purpose mute and play suspension button. A 3.5 mm earphone port is located at the top of the odd edge of the telephone set, just above the micro-USB charger and informations connection .

As was the case with the more expensive Curve 8900, the overall make quality of the Curve 8520 is very good with one exception : the rearward battery cover. It corresponds better than the one on the 8900 does, but is still slimly loose at times and can make some noise when the telephone set is used. It’s not a deal-breaker by any stretch, however. Otherwise , the construct of the device looks quite an good, and the new built in, synthetic rubber convenience and book keys on the edges of the device look like they should be very long wearing, all the patch keeping dust out of the phone .

The sole thing about the BlackBerry Curve 8520 that is likely to leave many ethnic musics unimpressed is the video display. Like the Curve 8300 series before it, the Curve 8520 athleticses a QVGA (320 x 240 picture element) video display. While more than bright and sharp plenty for most purposes , the video display lets the phone down when it comes to network browse, as you can see in our videos. But applying elements like that QVGA video display and the fixed-focus 2 megapixel camera , which is sited on the back of the earphone , is how Enquiry In Motion was able to proceed the cost of the headphone down. For peoples that just desire a Blackberry bush for messaging, this will work out precisely fine.

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