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Pirate Swords and Flags for Stage Movie Props and Sword Collectors

Now that the film industry has made pirates into stars of the big screen, it’s no surprise that Pirate Swords have increased in popularity. Once considered dangerous villains lurking on the seas for ships that they boarded and looted, today’s view of these old privateers has been romanticized considerably. No one would even think that the pirates of the past who flew their frightening Pirate Flag and who were the enemy of many European countries would have anything in common with the pirates attacking ships off the coast of Africa today.

Whether the two are linked in the people’s imaginations or not, Pirate Flags and the Pirate Sword are popular pieces of paraphernalia that people love to collect and that they can find online for a great price.

Using Affordable Pirate Swords

When most people think of pirates, they are thinking about the ones who caused terror at sea during what is affectionately known as the Golden Age of Piracy. This period during the 1600’s was clearly a great time to be a pirate because so many targets were floating around. During this time, many of the European countries had established colonies in the New World, including on island nationals such as Jamaica. When goods and resources were sent back and forth between the colony and the home country, pirates could strike it rich just by taking over the ship with their swords drawn.

Today, shoppers can purchase a replica sword and the matching Pirate Sword Belt for a great price online. They can add these to a collection of pirate goods if they choose or can find some other fun uses for them, too.

The Classic Pirate Sword

One of the most common weapons of the time was the Pirate Cutlass Sword. The cutlass was the perfect choice for fighting aboard ships where space was limited and battles were fought in close quarters. With its short blade, the cutlass could do plenty of damage quickly. While guns were also used by pirates, it was the swords that were most commonly used, because they were safer in small spaces and were faster. When taking over a vessel, no one has that much time to spend reloading their weapon before making their next attack.

Of course, other swords were used by pirates, too. The longer bladed rapier was another favorite and one whose blade could strike fear in the eyes of captains from England, France, the Netherlands, and Spain.

Choosing Non-Metal Pirates Sword

Back in those days, the real swords were made from metal. The blades were sharp so they could quickly drive home the pirate’s message: this ship belongs to them! However, people today may want to capture the fun and adventure of piracy during its golden age, but they may not want the dangerous blades in their homes or in the hands of younger pirate fans. That’s why online sites offer the Pirate Plastic Sword. These swords look like those wielded by the real pirates, such as Henry Morgan, but they are completely safe for users. Another option is the Wooden Pirate Sword also sold for a great price on websites.

Customers shopping online have come to the right place if they want to find their own favorite memorabilia, including cheap Pirate Swords and more.

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