An Overview of Bangkok Airways

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The Boutique Airline, or Bangkok Airways, has gained great respect as a high-quality regional airline in Asia. More people than ever are traveling to this part of the world, and many want to travel beyond the capital cities like Bangkok. As a result, Bangkok Airways now provides a lengthy list of flights that makes it easier and cheaper for people to travel all over Thailand and visit neighboring countries.

Bangkok Airways began operating under the name Sahakol Air in 1968, and was the first private airline in Thailand. It started out providing charter flights within the country, mainly for American and other companies who were exploring the region for natural resources such as oil and gas.

The domestication of this airline occurred in 1986 before the 1989 change to Bangkok Airways where they were able to increase services throughout Asia. This made it possible for travelers both national and international to move about the country with ease as well as move around other parts of Asia as well. Transporting travelers to and from Thailand has become a specialty of Bangkok Airways adding to their credentials as an experienced airline. Bangkok Airways calls itself the Boutique Airline, which means that it strives to provide a comfortable and pleasing environment in every way, including the meals it serves. You can find a variety of full course meals, as well as snacks, on all Bangkok Airways flights, and these are highly rated by passengers. There are meals that are traditional to Thailand, as well as international foods as well. No matter where you’re flying, you’ll get to enjoy a meal that’s more like restaurant than ordinary airline food. The airline is also glad to accommodate anyone with special needs for a meal as long as you let them know in advance.

This airline has three airports of their own but they also fly out of Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Travelers find this convenient since Bangkok is the bustling capital of Thailand. Aside from having many attractions of its own, it’s easy to get from Bangkok to wherever else you may want to go in Thailand. Public buses, limousines, rental cars and taxi’s can be located within the Public Transportation Center.

This is a central hub that enables you to reach any destination in Thailand from the capital city. So once your Bangkok Airways flight has arrived it’s pretty easy to take a shuttle to the Transportation Center and get wherever you might need to go. This article proves that Bangkok Airways is here to stay and they are quickly working their way up to the top as one of Asia’s most highly ranked airlines. As more people discover the appeal of visiting Thailand and other Southeast Asian destinations, there’s a growing need for great service to and within these countries and Bangkok Airways is helping to meet this demand. Irrespective of the reason for your trip, if you will be travelling to this part of the world you need to take time to see what this airline can do for you.

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