American DJ FogStorm 1200HD

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If you’ve ever grown impatient while your other models warm up between blasts, rest assured the Fog Storm 1200HD will always be ready to fog because it comes equipped with an Electronic Thermal Sensing (ETS) System; which means there’s no warm-up time amid fog blasts now that the heater core stays hot all the time; putting common equipment to shame.

Ready to professionally fog your event in as little as 8 minutes, the American DJ Fog Storm 1200HD uses 1,200W of Extreme Yield fog to blast 7,000 cubic feet of fog per minute, enhancing your events lighting effects, or setting the emotion for any wide area. This (affordable) model is one serious piece of equipment, but it gets better!

Where past experiences have probably left you concerned about your investment, the Fog Storm 1200HD comes equipped with an advanced (“Dummy-Proof”) cut-off system that warns when fluid level is low (indicated by a small but bright LED light), and if that were not enough, this model will even stop pumping just as fluid levels have reached the minimal level; where other models can leave you guessing or paying for repairs.

Another customer advantage is the models advanced heater system, which utilizes a big copper tube to prevent clogging. And to top it off, the Fog Storm 1200HD has a 2.5 liter detachable fog fluid container, so you can quit worrying about flooding the system by overfilling. Additional options become available with compatible remotes.

And bear in mind, that in order to protect or optimize your fog yield you may need to invest in a bottle of American DJ Clean-Machine fluid. It’s designed to excel the operation of any water based fog machine! This fluid cleans out the waste left in the fog machines heater core. Use Clean-Machine when ever fog output decreases or when storing a fog machine for an extended period of time. All chemicals used in this product our FDA approved.

The Fog Storm 1200 uses regular water based fog fluid. Use caution when purchasing fog fluids as no all fluids are the identical. Some of the less expensive fluids will generate a less dense cloud of fog than other more expensive liquids. The more high-priced fog fluids will give a thicker veil of stock and usually have a better “hang time” than other liquids. Because of the thicker cloud that is generated, you can use less fluid and occasionally actually save money in the long run by purchasing the more costly fluids.

The American DJ Fog Storm 1200HD includes a 25 ft. cable remote, and an external fog control switch. This system is compatible with the remote timer (American DJ F Timer FS-1200) for programmed sequences, and the wireless remote (American DJ F Wireless FS1200 ) for 150 feet of complete wireless control allowing you to concentrate your concentration on the light show or event.

Making the Fog Storm 1200HD a very versatile and desired product. It seems American DJ really meant to meet customer expectations by releasing the Fog Storm 1200HD with all these wonderful features and available options. The dimensions for this model are 12″ x 8.75″ x 6.5″ and it weighs only 12 pounds. If you plan on mounting this system, keep in mind that a full tank of fog fluid should add about 5 additional pounds.

American DJ Fog Storm 1200HD

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