Accessories That Can Enhance Your iPhone 4

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The popularity of Apple’s phones continues to rise, especially after the release of the iPhone 4. The new generation of smart phones can allow you to do more than just make phone calls; they’re excellent for a huge range of functions, including taking photos or videos, accessing the Internet, and much more. This article will take a sneak peek at some of the accessories available for your iPhone to help you get more from it.

Motorola MOTOROKR S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones are a great accessory if you want to be able to talk on your phone hands-free and enjoy the best quality sound. You can use the mic that’s built into these headphones whenever you answer the phone.

Many people who like to talk while driving find these hands free headphones especially useful. Depending where you live, it may even be illegal to use a cell phone when driving unless you have a headset. Between phone calls, music, videos and even the ability to listen to audiobooks, there are lots of good reasons to get great hands free headphones for your iPhone 4. These Motorola headphones are a great accessory if you want a convenient way to get great sound from your phone.

An unusual accessory that you can find for the iPhone for has something to do with the quality videos these phones take. Pictures and videos are only a few of the little known secrets of your phone. You should think twice about using your phone for regular video or picture taking but it is great in a pinch. The Steadicam Smothee is made to hold your iPhone steady as you film, even while you’re in motion. If you want to have your phone stationary as it is filming this accessory can act as a tripod too. The ergonomic design adds comfort to this high quality durable accessory. $200 is the price tag you’ll find on this accessory but it is worth it in the long run for the equality videos you’ll get.

The Satechi CR-3600 car holder mount is an useful tool for those of us who are on the road more than at home. The cradle keeps your phone in position while you’re driving, while giving you easy access to the screen and all functions. You can adjust it for your comfort and usability. What a simple way to stay hands free. Because some states have made dashboard mounted items illegal you’ll want to be sure you check with them prior to wasting money on this accessory.

iPhone 4 accessories are made with all types of users in mind, so you have to choose yours based on which functions you use most. If you want quality sound, and the ability to talk on the phone anytime, Bluetooth headphones are for you. If music is important to you, you should look for accessories that give you more options in this area. You can use the above as a starting point for checking out iPhone 4 accessories, but there are many others as well.

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