How it started:

The Problem ‘B Gone Website is born in 2008 on the premise that people will always be looking out for simple easy and elegant solutions to recurring everyday problems they have to face. From how to get that blood stain out of the curtain without ruining the fabric to why change the brake fluid in your car every two years ?

We will be opening up to contributions from people who wish to publish their know-how on any topic except those that get the site banned from reputable search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN and the likes, the usual subjects attracting people looking for p..orn, e..xplosive manufacturing, p..edophilia, and so on.


Sorry folks, we had to close the posting and publishing access as we were being overwhelmed by automated posting software and bots that only published gibberish to create link juice, which we regret. If you want to publish articles on our website, use the contact form to ask for user credentials.

Bad Behavior has blocked 522 access attempts in the last 7 days.