A Tattoo Cover Up Instead of Spending Bucks on Tattoo Removal

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Changing one’s mind about a piece of body art is very common. People change their minds about tattoos all the time. A change in taste, a change in relationship, a hasty trip to an untalented artist – all of these are examples of reasons people no longer want their tattoo.
Unfortunately, some individuals are hasty and act on compulsion when they originally got the unwanted tattoo. I highly recommend that the decision to get a tattoo is not done in haste.
If you find yourself with a tattoo you now regret and no longer want to have, getting a cover up may be the perfect solution. For financial reason, many individuals cannot bear the high cost of laser tattoo removal or other expensive options. If you desire to get additional tattoos and had planned on getting more ink in the same area as the unwanted tattoo, you should consider a cover up.
There are basically two types of tattoo cover ups. One type is basically reworking a badly done tattoo. The artist takes the existing art and embellishes it with better lines and color work and turns an ugly and poorly done tattoo into an attractive one. The other type of cover up essentially eradicates the old design by completely disguising and covering it up with a brand new design
Your first goal should be to find a talented artist and preferably one that specializes in cover ups. If you visit a reputable parlor you should be able to looks at the artist’s portfolio. If they do cover ups then they are bound to have samples of their work – before and after – in their album of tattoo work.
Once you’ve settled on an accomplished artist, have a discussion with them about what your goal is. They can guide you on choosing a design that will adequately cover the area.
With a complete cover up, there are some limitations as to the design option you could choose. For example, if you are trying to cover a tattoo that has a lot of black ink, you will be limited to choosing a design with dark colors. The cover up is usually much bigger than the original tattoo. You have to follow the advice of the artist as they know what will work to meet your goal. Each tattoo must be evaluated individually.
The one drawback to a cover up is that you are limited to your choices. Some artists are able to take a design or idea you may have and improvise and produce a custom design to accomplish a cover up.
Although a cover up is bound to run you hundreds of dollars, it will still be less costly than laser tattoo removal or other removal options currently available.

Billy D Bandford is a non-staff freelancer for Best Tattoo Removal Creams. If you’re searching for more advice related to tattoo removal options then you’ll find first-rate help about tattoo removal creams on our website.

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