3 Helpful Tips to Learn Sign Language

Good Luck!

Learning sign language will require you to learn a whole new approach to speaking. Communicating with your hands instead of your vocal chords takes getting used to, but soon you will find it feels natural. Like anything else, it’s a matter of learning a new way of doing things. Learning sign language can be quite simple if you follow the tips we will cover in this article.

Since sign language is a visual language, flash cards are important tools for learning it. The flash cards are a visual image of the hand signal used to represent a specific word. These can be helpful to have around the house, or to take with you for reference. For the best results use flash cards as a learning aid in combination with online studies or taking classes. As with any language, the more opportunities and methods you have to assist in learning, the sooner you’ll learn the language. Flash cards allow you the chance to reinforce what you’ve learned in any location.

Find a partner to practice with since it takes a good deal of practice to perfect sign language. In addition to regular practice sessions you might want to either download the same program or take a class together. This can be someone you go to school with, work with, have regular coffee breaks with, or another family members who wants to learn sign language. This way you can motivate one another, and you will have a chance to practice signing on a regular basis. If you’re having a hard time finding a practice partner among your friends and acquaintances, consider searching online and within social networks for a practice partner. It can be much easier to learn sign language when you do it with someone.

Sign language is a completely different and new language and not just a translation from words to hands – you need to understand this going in. Most people are surprised to learn that not every spoken word that would be spoken in an English sentence is converted into a sign in American Sign Language. You’ll find that a lot of meaning is conveyed through eye contact or body language and not just with hand signals when it comes to sign language. You don’t have to maintain eye contact to have a conversation with spoken English. In sign language, however, looking away signals that the conversation is over, so you have to get accustomed to these differences.

If they make up their mind to learn sign language, just about anyone can do it. You can’t expect to be proficient at it right away, and when you watch two deaf people signing you may think you’ll never get to that level. However, you will learn and speed up more quickly than you think, as long as you put in the effort. Some of the tips above will help make learning sign language easier. It’s worth putting in the effort, because signing will add a new dimension to your life.

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