10 tips to comfort a crying baby

Good Luck!

So long, quiet, dreamy newborn; hello, certified screamer? If your baby has begun shrieking endlessly, his face turning purple in frustration, console yourself with this fact: A series of Canadian studies have shown that sometime in the first five months, all newborns experience unsoothable crying jags, some of which can last two hours. Overall, they may cry as much as five hours a day. Some infants sit at the calm end of the spectrum, some are in the middle, and some cry for hours, says Ronald Barr, M.D., the study author and a professor of pediatrics at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. (The children on the high end of the spectrum are often considered to have colic.) Dr. Barr calls this stage “the period of PURPLE crying.” By giving it a name, he hopes parents will realize that it’s not their fault; some babies cry — a lot. Talk to a doctor to rule out a medical cause, and then try to ride it out: Hold your child, walk him, and get help, so you can refuel. You will get past this!
Here are 10 tips to try when you baby is endlessly crying:
1. Check the diaper – Sometimes it’s as simple as a soiled diaper. If the diaper feels heavy, change it!
2. Check if they’re hungry – Did you inadvertently miss meal time? Maybe they didn’t get enough? A little extra milk shouldn’t hurt
3. Check if they’re cold – Touch their legs and arms. If they’re cold to touch covers them in a warm blanket or put on pants and a long sleeve shirt
4. Check for a fever – Use a digital thermometer to check for a fever. Never use an anal thermometer.
5. Take him for a walk in the stroller – Sometimes they just need a change of scenery. Take out for a walk in the back yard, around the block or even around the house.
6. Try burping – Colic can sometimes be the culprit of the crying. While this may not be the end all cure, gas may be putting painful pressure in the tummy. Try burping to expel those gases.
7. Try a bath – The warm water has a soothing effect that can help stop crying. Often the sound of just running water is soothing enough.
8. Try all natural remedies – A drink of water can sometimes help.
9. Is it naptime? – Is baby cranky because they’re past their nap time? Some fresh milk and a quiet area is all you’ll need to test this tip.
10. Change bottles and/or pacifiers – Certain bottles and pacifiers can cause colic. If you suspect this is the case switch out your bottles to proven anti-colic bottles like Dr Browns or Tommee Tippee.

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